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Blueberry Farm
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The following items we recommend as top quality and proven. PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING, PACKAGING OR INSURANCE. Please call to order: 270)432-2601.

Catcher Bags

We have available for sale Brand New Catchers manufactured especially for the Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association, Inc. These handy catchers are perfect for the end of the picking season when picking gets slow and berries are sparse on the bushes. Simply push the strong, light-weight catcher up to the bush and gently knock the canes to release the berries into the catcher bag. The catcher is then very easily emptied. Near the back edge is a hole for the berries to exit. Lift up the cover, tip the catcher back, and the berries empty into your container or lug! These catchers are a real asset to your production with a heavy nylon bag, sturdy yet light-weight frame, and wheels for ease of moving the catcher from bush to bush.

Brand New Catcher with Bag, Price:  $485.00 each.

Catcher Catcher Catcher

Replacement Bags

Replacement Catcher Bags manufactured especially for the Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association, Inc. These sturdy nylon catcher bags will give you years of use. Constructed of heavy industrial strength nylon and reinforced seams with heavy duty grommets, these bags have been made to our specifications and expectations! Each bag is made individually and inspected every inch of the way.

Replacement Catcher Bags are $150.00 each.

Catcher Bag

Picking Buckets

How important to have plenty of sturdy buckets during picking season! These sturdy, proven, one gallon picking buckets hold 5 1/2 to 6 pounds of berries. No more dropped berries with these super-strong handles. Buckets come in color or white. Sorry, no guarantee of color combinations at this time.

Price on these picking buckets is $4.50 white, $5.00 color


Bucket Bucket Bucket

The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association, Inc.
1103 West Stockton Street
P. O. Box 116
Edmonton, Kentucky 42129
Phone: 270-432-2601