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Blueberry Farm
1103 West Stockton Street   |   P.O. Box 116   |   Edmonton, Kentucky 42129   |   Phone: (270) 432-2601

Welcome to the official Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association!


Spring Member Association Meeting

Saturday, April 11th at 10am Central Time at the

Metcalfe County Extension Office located at 422 East St. Edmonton, KY 42129. 

There are many changes happening at the KBGA.  Larry is retiringPlease know that the KBGA has been sold and the new owners will be presenting a new format to purchasing and marketing.  Organic Growing will be a key note in the presentation.  It is of utmost importance you attend the meeting or have a representative attend on your behalf.  Feel free to bring guests or farmers of other fruits and vegetables.




Blueberry Booth Washer

The KBGA has been working to develop blueberry, blackberry and strawberry value-added products with the help of University of Kentucky's Food Systems Innovation Center. We are pleased to be bringing our first blueberry product to market: the Blueberry Oatmeal Bar. We are so excited to have sample orders from 27 different school systems in Kentucky for this delicious new product. Watch for more products just on the horizon.

Blueberry Bars

   Blueberry Delivery Truck

Grand Opening of the Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association's new Blueberry Marketing and Warehouse facility in April-2013!                                                                                                                                             

ribbon cutting


Blueberry Farms for Sale!!!           

"Cooperation, Not Competition"          

Welcome to the official Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association located in South Central Kentucky. We are a cooperative for local farmers.

The Kentucky Blueberry Growers Association, Inc. (KBGA) is your information and contact source for fresh handpicked blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and U-pick farms in and around Kentucky. Since 2008, the KBGA supplies packaging and labels for blueberry growers. KBGA has association-specific packaging for its members and generic packaging for non members.

The KBGA is a for-profit company that was formed in 2002 by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Martin Sr. to create an organized base for Blueberry growers in Kentucky. The KBGA is used for informational purposes associated with growing and marketing of blueberries. It is also a place where people can ask questions, share information, resources and experiences. Although the KBGA was originally formed with the idea of helping Kentucky based growers, it now has members from surrounding states.

The KBGA sends E-mail updates to members, holds meetings, encourages ideas and suggestions, provides equipment for member use, promotes blueberries through such things as the annual Blueberry Festival held in Edmonton (Metcalfe county), Kentucky, and has a goal of being able to offer blueberry growers the supplies and equipment they need at a reduced cost. Members of the KBGA are offered opportunities to learn from and work with fellow growers. The KBGA is pleased to be a part of this fast growing agricultural opportunity and will do all it can to develop markets and to promote the blueberry industry in Kentucky and surrounding states.

Member E-mail updates are used to help our members with commonly known problems or answer common questions. We use E-mail as a means of offering our products to the growers as well as passing on valuable information on common issues, facts, and other blueberry related news and ideas. It is the intention of the KBGA to have this remain a low cost service to the supporting members of the association.

The KBGA's current headquarters are in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. It is the KBGA's goal to help with the organization of blueberry growers by making available valuable information on grants, markets, and supplies. The KBGA also aims to be one of the grower's main sources for help and resources in the blueberry industry. Our members are the backbone of the association. The success of this organization is linked directly to them and their success as growers. Thank you to all of our current and future members!